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Conservative Host Rips Beyonce For Super Bowl Performance.. Plus Calls Out Jay Z!

Oooohhh the Beyhive isn't gonna be happy with this one. And she takes jabs at Jay Z?! Yikes. I TRULY fear for this woman lol she's about to get shredded on her own timeline.
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Friends Ride Through Mall Dressed As Mario Kart Characters!

Literally friendship goalz. Is this something they only let you get away with in London? I'm wondering if I can pull this off at Northgate or Southcenter.. without being pulled over at the end....
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Seahawks Honor Retiring Lynch With Chilling Video Tribute

When Marshawn announced his retirement via twitter during the Super Bowl, he left Hawks fans and sports fans everywhere shocked. While it's hard to think of our team without him, it's fun to...
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Rihanna Admits to Sending Naked Selfies on Ellen!

Raise your hand if this makes you want to be best friends with Rihanna.. even more than previously *RAISES HAND* I love her. And her new album ANTI is so different from how she normally sounds.....
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NFL Players Doing Their Daughters' Hair is the BEST Super Bowl Ad!

Let's not forget-- doing your own hair as a woman (if you're like me) is hard. A guy doing hair.. even harder. This is the cutest. Since the Hawks aren't in the Super Bowl this year.. at least...
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Jet Blue Offering $29 From Seattle To Celebrate Leap Day

Yes girl. One-way flights for $29!! There are some stipulations. You have to book before midnight eastern tonight, and the deal is only valid for leap day- February 29th, which is a Monday. Of...
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Afghan Boy Meeting Messi After Making Jersey From Plastic Bag

We all had our favorite athlete when we were a kid. If you were lucky, you got to wear your favorite player's jersey or even get to see them play live. This 5-year-old Afghan boy's family...
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Homeless Detroit Man Accepts Donations via Square on His Smart Phone

His nickname is 'Honest Abe'.. he's a homeless man in Detroit who has taken panhandling next level. You can swipe your credit card to donate to him on the 8 Mile highway overpass.That's right....
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You Can Rent This 'Netflix and Chill' Room in NYC on Airbnb

The ultimate setup. Manhattan.. Netflix branded bedding.. a stocked mini-fridge.. an Apple TV.. an HD projector.. AND access to the rooftop. All of this in the city for $400/night?! That's a...
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It's Here.. Zayn Malik's First Solo Single "Pillowtalk"

We've been waiting for this ever since he left One Direction.. now we finally have Zayn's first solo song! What do you think?? Bonus points for featuring rumored-girlfriend Gigi Hadid in the...
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